I always knew I could draw; somewhere in my God-given DNA, there was something that pressed me towards practicing art.

I started learning about art at an early age when visiting my grandmother, I would look in her art books and sit at her easel.  She oil painted like a master and I loved her work.  As one of life's ironies, I never took any lessons from her.  I pursued a degree in engineering; however somewhere in my God given DNA, there was something that pressed me towards practicing art.  All my college notebooks are decorated with sketches of all types of subject matter and I have sketches that survived from high school.  I nurtured my interest by visiting museums and galleries; growing my realization that I wanted to oil paint.

I am so thankful for the many people who have inspired me and helped me through instruction, encouragement & constructive critiques.

Irene Shimp - My Grandmother, she painted like a master.  You will only see her work if you visit my mother, brother or me.

Dorthy Frisk - My Mother, a gifted artist who could draw a face or figure as easy a you could toast bread at breakfast, even though she did not oil paint.

Anneke Frisk Swanson - My Daughter who inspired me to start oil painting and continues to inspire me today.

And so many others along the way...

  • Michael Kennaugh - Glassell School of Art
  • Patrick Palmer - Glassell School of Art
  • Francesca Fuchs - Glassell School of Art
  • Brian Portman - Glassell School of Art
  • Arielle Masson - Glassell School of Art
  • Frances (Fran) Knueppel
  • Marchita Priest
  • Reg Stark
  • Caroline Ratliff
  • Lisa Mozzini-McDill
  • Dennis Sheehan
  • V...Vaughan
  • C.W. Mundy
  • Jeffrey C. Legg
  • Kathleen Dunphy
  • Stapleton Kearns
  • Phil Starke

To these amazing oil painters and instructors, some of whom have inspired me by simply looking at their marvelous works and others that I have had the honor to meet and from whom to learn, Thank You.

Putting in the mileage & finding my style. I continue to grow & learn.